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Hey Y'all!

I'm Mark


Who am I?


dare / BECOME

German Speaker, Moonshine Maker / DDR National Semi-Finalist

 workin' hard / goofin' off

Proud Dad / just kidding

“As Perchik, Mark Bacon persuasively makes the case for questioning authority, tradition, and calling people to action, not simply words. 'Now I Have Everything' is an enchanting, elegant ode to a couple's affection and partnership, tenderly sung by Mr. Bacon"

Fiddler on the Roof - Circa ’21

I believe the above review really speaks to what I bring to a super-saturated market.  

What we do is a challenge and it is a gift.

Theatre is a medium that allows people to feel.  I strive to challenge norms, entice audiences, and gain perspective from others who disagree.



What's Cookin'

July - Leading the next leg of the FINDING NEVERLAND National Tour as JM Barrie!

August - Catch Mark singing through the Mediterranean on AIDA Cruises featuring a QUEEN rock show

May - Get down with the Genie in Saturday Night Fever at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina understudying Tony Manero.

November - Danced on the beach some more as Stewpot in South Pacific, understudied Cable

September - Danced on the beach as Sky in Mamma Mia at Phoenix Theatre

June – Headed to Highlands, NC to play Cliff in Cabaret and Hero in A Funny Thing…Forum

May –  Performed The Proust Virus by Dan Furman at the HERE! Arts Center

March – Worked on Theatre Row with Musicals Tonight! playing DuBarry Was a Lady, director: Evan Pappas

February – Recording of Couplets! A New Musical!

December – Broken City Reading with Monday Theatre Company

October – Regional Premiere of Heathers playing Hipster, understudying JD at White Plains Performing Arts Center

March - Ended my 9 months with AIDA Cruises singing in the Mediterranean, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Middle East

February – SCUBA Diving Certification Complete!



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